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Exotic: Caltha palustris

Common name: Marsh marigold

Description: A marginal bog plant with rhizomes that produce kidney shaped toothed leaves. The vibrant waxy yellow flowers are a must around a pond. Allow up to 10cm of water above the crown of the plant.
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Exotic: Canna hybrids

Common name: Canna lily

Description: A tall floriferous perennial with green paddle shaped leaves and bright red flowers. It multiplies well.
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Exotic: Clerodendrum schweinfurthii

Common name: Gurke clerodendrum

Description: Very rare fast growing African shrub / trailer with bright leaves, unusual blue-black fruits and clusters of scented white flowers.
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Exotic: Nymphaea hybrids

Common name: Water lilies

Description: Herbaceous submerged aquatic perennial with round floating leaves. So many colours in stock. Feed monthly. More information under Species: Water lilies
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Indigenous: Berula repanda

Common name: Water Parsnip

Description: A rhizomatous indigenous perennial up tp 1.5m with simple fern like leaves. Umbels of cream flowers in summer. Grow this in a very wet position along the banks of a pond or potted up in the pond.
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Indigenous: Brillantaisia subulugurica

Common name: Giant salvia

Description: A fast growing indigenous shrub up to 1.8m tall with large bright glossy leaves. Spikes of large purple purple flowers in summer. A gorgeous filler in the garden.
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Indigenous: Pelargonium gibbosum

Common name: Knotted pele

Description: A semi succulent indigenous perennial with notched blue grey leaves. Clusters of limey yellow night scented flowers. Attracts night pollinators.
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Indigenous: Sclerochiton harveyanus

Common name: Blue lips

Description: An upright indigenous shrub with small almost two tone glossy leaves. Scented dark blue flowers. Gorgeous. Beautiful specimens in 10l bags.
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