Company history

Company History

Collecting plants is in my genes. My grandmother collected aloes and grew gloxinias, my mother was a compulsive plant collector and when she died, my father turned into the passionate gardener!

Gardening has been the constant thread in my life, started mainly by revamping existing gardens for friends.  I started selling plants at the Irene Craft Market many years ago and since then my collection has evolved into an extensive assortment of rare, unusual and hard-to-come by plants.

I have an excellent selection of interesting exotic and indigenous perennials, shrubs and climbers that have been sourced countrywide. The diverse selection bears witness to how infected I have become with the plant bug.

The nursery is run from our home in Colbyn, Pretoria. I mainly stock plants I can enthuse over and try to have examples growing in our garden so that customers can view the plants in a garden setting with the natural growth patterns. New plants are also kept for a year or two before being released to check performance and susceptibility to disease, temperature requirements and hardiness.

I love my nursery; it is my bit of heaven. Plants are a true joy and I have been absolutely blessed with many wonderful friends who I have made since starting my nursery. I network with other like-minded people throughout South Africa and am always on the lookout for new varieties. Every long weekend or holiday becomes a serious buying trip. 

I found the following paragraph in the book ''Road Rage'' by Ruth Rendall:

"There are gardens and gardens, she said. Most of them are full of stuff from the local garden centre, but the other kind, the rare kind, contains plants you hardly ever see, plants her father called ''choice'', the ones that only have Latin names…"

To me this epitomizes my home and nursery. 

I trust that you will find the same joy and pleasure in what I have to offer!