Most of the plants listed here are sold in 15cm pots or 4L bags. Where container sizes differ this is noted in the plant description.  Our plant descriptions are based on our own research and observations, and we are always happy to receive additional comments - or corrections! Please feel free to email us at


Curcuma longo


A rare exotic bulb with large paddle-shaped leaves. Ginger type pink flowers in summer. Edible roo...


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Hymenocallis littoralis

Spider lily

A clump forming exotic bulb with a basal rosette of dark green strap like leaves. Frilly edged white...


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Ipheion uniflorum

Spring starflower

An attractive floriferous exotic bulb. Grass like rey green garlic scented leaves and long stemmed ...


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Kohleria digitalifolia

Foxglove kohleria

A spreading rhizomatous perennial with hairy lance shaped leaves. Bright pink flowers with spotted ...


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Sprekelia formosissima

Aztec lily

Clump forming Mexican bulb. Strap shaped mid green leaves. Single bright red flowers in spring. Thr...


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Zephyranthes grandiflora

Rain lily

Clump forming exotic bulb. Upright strap like basal leaves. Pink cup shaped flowers just before the ...


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Zephyranthus candida

White rain lily

A soft stemmed bulb with upright rush like basal leaves and crocus like white flowers. Multiplies we...


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Zingiber zerumbeet

Pine cone ginger

A clump forming exotic perennial with long narrow leaves that develop from a rhizome. Pine cone type...


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