Bulbs: Exotic

Most of the plants listed here are sold in 15cm pots or 4L bags. Where container sizes differ this is noted in the plant description.  Our plant descriptions are based on our own research and observations, and we are always happy to receive additional comments - or corrections! Please feel free to email us at leone@petalfaire.co.za .

Amorphophallus konjac

Common name: Voodoo lily - konjac

Description: Rare unusual exotic edible tuber. The leaf stalk is a mottled pinkish-gray and olive green. Huge tropical type leaves. Arum like purple flowers in spring.
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Aristolochia fimbriata

Common name: Fringed dutchmans pipe

Description: Rare unusual prostrate trailer. Rounded leaves with silver veining, small yellow and maroon balloon like flowers. Attracts butterflies. Container plant. A collectors item.
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Crinum procerum

Common name: Red leafed large crinum

Description: A stunning Malaysian bulb. Upright burgundy leaves with green undertones and clusters of pink flowers. Bees
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Curcuma longo

Common name: Tumeric

Description: A rare exotic bulb with large paddle-shaped leaves. Ginger type pink flowers in summer. Edible roots.
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Eucharis x grandiflora

Common name: Amazon lily

Description: A bulbous exotic perennial with large elliptic wavy deep green leaves. Umbels of white flowers in summer. Indoor plant. Huge bulbs
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Hippeastrum hybrid

Common name: Red Amaryllis

Description: A clump forming exotic bulb with strap like dark green leaves and gorgeous red flowers in spring. Bulbs eog.
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Hymenocallis littoralis

Common name: Spider lily

Description: A clump forming exotic bulb with a basal rosette of dark green strap like leaves. Frilly edged white flowers in autumn.
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Kohleria digitalifolia

Common name: Foxglove kohleria

Description: A spreading rhizomatous perennial with hairy lance shaped leaves. Bright pink flowers with spotted lobes. Lovely in hanging bowl or container.
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Leucojum aestivum

Common name: Summer snowflake

Description: A clump forming bulb with erect glossy strap-like leaves. Bell shaped scented white flowers in late winter early spring. Summer deciduous. Plant en masse.
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Polyanthus tuberose

Common name: Tuberose

Description: A clump forming Mexican bulb with pale green leaves and tall flower stalks with scented tubular white flowers.
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Zephyranthes robusta

Common name: Rain lily

Description: A clump forming exotic bulb with upright narrow strap like basal leaves. Bright pink cup shaped flowers on long stalks.
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Zephyranthus candida

Common name: White rain lily

Description: A soft stemmed bulb with upright rush like basal leaves and crocus like white flowers. Multiplies well.
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