Bog plants: Indigenous

Most of the plants listed here are sold in 15cm pots or 3L bags. Where container sizes differ this should be noted in the plant description.  Our plant descriptions are based on our own observations, and we are always happy to receive additional comments - or corrections! Please feel free to email us at .  Water plants all looking very wintery at the moment.  Suggest that you wait until September or mid August before you order. 

Aponogeton distachyos

Common name: Waterblommetjie

Description: An indigenous aquatic perennial with floating oblong dark green leaves. Edible white flowers in winter. Summer dormant. Edible Flowers.
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Berula erecta

Common name: Water parsnip, Tandpyn wortel

Description: A robust indigenous waterplant with gorgeous fern like foliage. Foliage floats on the water and forms a habitat for fish. Umbels of white flowers in summer. Allow up to 20cm of water above the crown of the plant
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Berula repanda

Common name: Water Parsnip

Description: A rhizomatous indigenous perennial up tp 1.5m with simple fern like leaves. Umbels of cream flowers in summer. Grow this in a very wet position along the banks of a pond or potted up in the pond.
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Bulbinella nutans

Common name: Katstert

Description: A Rare clump forming indigenous bog perennial with narrow fleshy leaves. Dense racemes of yellow flowers in spring. Bees love it. Excellent cut flower. Not for the faint hearted.
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Cyrtanthus breviflorus

Common name: Yellow fire lily

Description: A bulb with strap-shaped leaves that grows in marshy areas. Tubular scented bright yellow flowers mainly in spring. Multiplies rapidly. Bulb edible.
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Eleocharis dulcis

Common name: Chinese water chestnut

Description: A robust exotic / indigenous grasslike sedge with round edible corms. Submerge plants in 10cm of water. They have medicinal properties. Bulbs tastier in winter.
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Equisetum ramosissimum

Common name: Transvaal horsetail

Description: A creeping indigenous aquatic fern. Stems jointed cylindrical with brown cones. Bristly appearance. Invasive
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Gomphostigma virgatum

Common name: Otter bossie

Description: A water loving perennial with silver leaves on slender stems and spikes of white flowers. Prune back hard after flowering.Up to 20cm of water above the crown of the plant.
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Gunnera perpensa

Common name: River pumpkin

Description: A robust indigenous aquatic perennial, large dark round leaves with rough toothed edges. Spikes of brownish flowers in summer. I stand mine in the water. 10l bags.
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Indigenous: Cotula nigellifolia

Common name: Staggersweed

Description: A fast growing indigenous bog plant. Grey green fern-like foliage and small daisy like white flowers all season. Fatal to cattle.
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Isolepsis cernua

Common name: Fibre optic grass

Description: Robust indigenous grass. Long linear bright green leaves. Dense green flower spikes in summer. Boggy conditions, no water over the crown of the plant.
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Marsilea schelpeana

Common name: Cut leaf water clover

Description: A fresh water indigenous fern with creeping stem and floating leaves. Mat forming with irregularly grooved leaves.
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Nymphoides thunbergiana

Common name: Small yellow water lily

Description: A rare fast-growing, aquatic perennial which has flat, rounded floating leaves and dainty star-shaped yellow flowers and a feathery edge. Habitat for invertebrates, juvenile fish and birds.
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Persicaria senegalensis

Common name: Silver snake root

Description: A spreading stolenous perennial with thick stems, large silver leaves and sprays of golden grasslike flowers. It does equally well in a pond or in the garden.
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