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Exotic: Alstroemeria - White

Common name: White Inca lily

Description: A fleshy rooted herbaceous perennial with spreading clumps of erect stems with narrow lance-shaped leaves. Umbels of showy funnel-shaped White flowers in summer.
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Exotic: Calceolaria mexicana

Common name:

Description: A self seeding annual lights up all the dark corners in the garden. It has long lance shaped grooved leaves and bright yellow balloon like flower.
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Exotic: Lonicera tatarica

Common name: Tatarian honeysuckle

Description: A fast growing bushy exotic shrub with lance shaped blue green leaves. Two lipped pink flowers in summer. Waterwise.
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Exotic: Syringa vulgaris

Common name: Common lilac

Description: A RARE multistemmed upright suckering shrub. Panicles of scented lilac flowers in spring. Not suitable for warmer climates.
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Indigenous: Dietes iridioides variegata

Common name: Variegated dietes

Description: Rare indigenous perennial with white variegated strap like leaves and stiff stalks with pretty white flowers with lavender and yellow markings all year. Lovely in the shady parts of the garden.
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Indigenous: Lessertia frutescens

Common name: Cancer bush, kankerbos

Description: Short lived indigenous shrub with pinnate silvery leaves and bright orange flowers. These are followed by bladder-like seedpods. Miracle medicinal plant. Self seeds. 10l bags
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Indigenous: Ornithogalum thyrsoides

Common name: Chincherinchee

Description: A gorgeous indigenous bulb with smooth soft textured leaves and tight clusters of white star flowers in summer. Good cut flower
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Indigenous: Pelargonium gibbosum

Common name: Knotted pele

Description: A semi succulent indigenous perennial with notched blue grey leaves. Clusters of limey yellow night scented flowers. Attracts night pollinators.
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