Exotic: Justicia aurea

Yellow jacobinia

A upright branched shrub with robust stems with huge mid green leaves. Sprays of tubular yellow flo...


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Exotic: Pilea pepperomioides

Chinese money plant

A creeping exotic perennial with leathery disc-shaped glossy leaves. Small white flowers in spring....


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Exotic: Quisqualis indica

Rangoon creeper

Gorgeous rare strong growing exotic climber with oblong leaves and clusters of white fading to pink ...


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Exotic: Thunbergia grandiflora alba

White sky flower

A vigorous woody stemmed exotic climber with heart-shaped dark green leaves. Trumpet shaped WHITE fl...


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Indigenous: Anisodontae scabrosa

Pink mallow

Fast growing rounded Cape shrub. Woody stems aromatic leaves and large cup shaped pink flowers. Bea...


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Indigenous: Barleria gueinzii

An scrambling indigenous perennial with spikes of pale blue flowers. Soft grey green hairy leaves. A...


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Indigenous: Senecio tamoides variegata

Variegated flowering ivy

Fast growing succulenty climber with creamy variegated frilly leaves. Large clusters of small scen...


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